Refund agreement

Refund agreement statement:

Membership Services

1. Users can purchase membership services in this software by paying legal currency. The service content and price information specifically covered by membership services are based on the information displayed on the relevant service pages of this software.
2. The software can adjust the membership service fee standard and service content according to the actual situation at any time. The adjusted membership service fee standard and service content will be displayed on relevant pages. Users can enjoy or continue membership only after paying according to the adjusted service fee standard. Users who have purchased membership services according to the original membership service fee standard will not be affected by their membership and membership services during the period of membership obtained without additional payment difference.
3. Once the payment service is successful, it cannot be transferred under any circumstances and no refund is allowed, except as specified by laws and regulations. If the user does not use the corresponding service within the validity period stipulated by the payment service, the payment service will automatically terminate after the expiration of the payment service, and the validity period cannot be interrupted or extended.
4. Users of this software register their members through this software platform. The contents and personal data submitted must be authentic and valid. When the personal data of a member changes, the member should modify the registered personal data in time, otherwise the member’s rights cannot be fully and effectively exercised or any other consequences and responsibilities will be borne by the member himself.

Virtual Currency

1. You can pay the virtual currency converted by legal tender in this software, namely virtual diamond. Virtual currency can only be used in this software. It is not the currency freely circulated in the real scene of online and offline, and has no purchasing power in the use scenario outside the non-native software.
2. Virtual money can be used to purchase value-added services of this software platform, including but not limited to video permission, voice chat, virtual gifts and so on. In addition, it cannot be used for any other purposes. The price of these value-added services is based on virtual diamonds. The specific exchange rate and price information will be determined by the company itself and displayed on the relevant service pages.
2. The exchange ratio of virtual currency and Remind varies according to the different pipeline purchased by users. The specific exchange ratio is based on the display of the pipeline service page of virtual currency purchased by users. The company has the right to change the above exchange rate at any time according to the operation situation, and will display on the user’s purchasing virtual currency related pipeline service page.
3. Users can query the virtual currency balance, purchase (hereinafter referred to as “recharge”) records and consumption records on the settings page. Information about virtual currency will not be made public.
4. users can recharge virtual currency accounts through recharging channels provided by online banking, Alipay or other software. Users can use virtual money to purchase related fee service, and then donate related fee service to other users. Users confirm that they will not recharge by illegal means or by means specified by non-platform. If users illegally recharge/purchase virtual currency by means other than those approved by the company, the company will not guarantee the smooth or correct completion of recharge. If the user’s rights and interests are damaged, the company will not make any compensation or compensation, and the company will keep it at any time. Terminate the user’s account qualification and the right to use various recharge services, and punish them accordingly.
5. Users confirm that they have carefully confirmed their account number before recharging and carefully selected the relevant operation options. If the user enters the account number incorrectly, operates improperly or does not understand the recharging and charging methods and other factors, resulting in the mistaken account number, mis selected recharging types and so on, the company will not make any compensation or compensation.
6. The user understands and agrees that once the virtual currency has been recharged successfully, it cannot be converted into legal currency or transferred to others under any circumstances except as specified by laws and regulations. Except as stipulated by laws and regulations, the company will not refund after the completion of the recharge of the virtual currency account.
7. The user understands and agrees that virtual money can only be used to purchase all kinds of value-added services on this software platform. Under no circumstances shall the virtual money be traded with the co-operative vendors other than our company or on the co-operative vendor platform other than our software platform. If any loss is caused to the users or co-operative vendors in violation of the aforementioned agreement, the company shall not be liable for any loss. If the company has reason to suspect that the user’s virtual currency account or usage is fraudulent or abnormal, the company will refuse the user to use virtual currency for payment until the relevant blockade measures are taken in accordance with the agreement.
8. The Company shall have the right to set or modify from time to time matters relating to transactions, including, but not limited to, the trading quota and the number of transactions, taking into account such considerations as transaction safety. Users understand and confirm that the company’s previous settings or modifications may cause some inconvenience to users’ transactions. Users have no objection to this.
9. Users confirm that, unless explicitly stipulated by laws and regulations or otherwise stipulated in this Agreement, any fee-paying services purchased by users cannot be refunded (i.e. converted into virtual or legal currencies) or converted into other services for any reason.
10. The company does not encourage minors to use the virtual currency service. Minors should ask their guardians to operate or operate with their express consent, otherwise they may not use the service.
11. Any losses or liabilities arising from the failure of the company to provide virtual money purchase services or any errors in providing virtual money purchase services due to the reasons of the users themselves shall be borne by the users themselves. The company shall not be liable, including but not limited to the following: ________
(1) The account number of the user is lost, blocked or frozen;
(2) The property loss caused by the user informing others of the password;
(3) Any loss or liability caused by the account of the payment institution of the co-operative manufacturer bound by the user;
(4) Property losses caused by other users’ intentional or gross negligence or violation of laws and regulations.
12. Users have the right to temporarily or permanently block the account number of users when they use the services provided by the company in violation of national laws and regulations, this agreement or other regulations governing the management of users by this platform. The remaining virtual currency in the user’s account will be frozen or deducted temporarily until the account is blocked (if any), and cannot be used to purchase virtual products or services on the platform. At the same time, the cash value of the virtual currency purchased by the user will not be returned.
13. The user confirms and agrees that if the user cancels the account on his own initiative, the virtual currency that the user has recharged into the account, the virtual gifts he has purchased, the game currency and the rights and interests of his members will be regarded as automatic abandonment. The company will not return the corresponding cash value or make any compensation.